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You can have something very different included in your jewellery design, and the range of coloured stones available other than the usual precious stones can be an inspiration for some very unusual jewellery.

Other coloured stones include , Tourmalines, topaz, a sky blue ,lapis lazuli , a rich deep blue with gold specks in, or another one that comes in many types is opal which I Love.

Amethyst is also a beautiful stone, being a rich purple , and moonstone or labradorite are stones that have a beautiful flash of blue when moved around.

If you prefer an orange or yellow colour then citrines can be considered.
in the shade of green tsavorites (green garnet) or peridot, which is a crisp apple green, can be lovely choices....
Garnets can be green or pink as well as the commonly known red.

I can also source beads in these stones which could be worn on their own, or as part of a design in a necklace. - please feel free to enquire.

You can contact me on :- 01509 239348