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I am able to interpret your ideas or memories into something timeless and beautiful to wear, please feel free to make enquiries, call me on 010509 239348.
a recent and very special commission was to create a golden dragonfly from my clients family rings
it was a lovely one to do as it was intended for a little girls christening gift , she would be given it when she turned 18 years old.
a golden dragonfly by helen burrell
This was the design idea on your left and is an image of the collection of rings and stones i had to work with .....

and this was the finished pendant, solid 9ct/18ct/22ct mixed gold, with their family history and special stones transformed in a new design :-

a golden dragonfly by helen burrell

I thank my client for the lovely commission, and hope all the family and the little girl love the piece too. Helen :)

Some other examples below: -

​This is another example of recycling old family pieces; these items of jewellery were inherited by my customer from her mother.

I redesigned them into the piece you see below, based on the things my clients' mother loved, which were Brighton beach and Monet's garden.
All these pieces except the aquamarine pendant were wrought into the new necklace.

The necklace design illustrates a pearl on a fishing line, and a pebble beach with the emeralds on it symbolizing seaweed.
The gold wedding band was rolled out to make the rivulets down to the sea and the lily pads, and the coral and diamonds are placed to depict the sparkles of water on the beach and treasures found while beach combing.

(Click on images below to enlarge).

Before & After
Gold garnet and diamond ring created by Helen Burrell These are more examples of completed jewellery commissions :-

A Wedding ring created from recycled family gold is shown below, and to the left is a Memorial ring made using my ivy leaf ring design.
With this particular piece I have soldered half of my clients inherited wedding band on as the shank, and used the other half as earrings which allows all of the original ring to be worn in a new way, as a very special keepsake.

The ring bottom left has been created by casting old family pieces into a wide band and re -setting my clients' stones from other rings she had, into one of my designs.
please enquire if you would like something special made too....

This ring on the left is an illustration of stones taken from an old ring - re-modelled and updated into a new design,
if you have inherited pieces that you want to keep but don't suit you for any reason, I can work with you to create something beautiful that you will love to wear. please feel free to call me on 01509239348 . Helen :)

below is a white gold sapphire and diamond ring created for my client in memory of her mother.