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I offer a bespoke jewellery design ideas service, after a consultation with you, (at a charge of £45.00), from which I design three or four options based upon your preferences and our discussions about the finished idea. This is optional; if you are happy to let me interpret your instructions I will go ahead with your ideas, without the designing time.

My commissioned pieces are ‘one off’ designs, I do however reserve the copyright to my designs.

I am in the process of making ranges of my jewellery designs, that may be reproduced, as many designs lend themselves to being made in other metals and with other stones,

These can be seen and ordered from my web site in the ‘jewellery for sale’ sections, this will give a range of prices available for one design depending on the materials used.

What to think about if you would like to commission me to make a piece for you

Consider the following points:-

  • What precious metal do you prefer?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you like your jewellery to be for reasonable every day use, or for special occasions?
  • Do you like plain designs?
  • Or detailed designs?
  • Do you want precious or semi-precious stones in it?
  • If so what stones?
  • What size stones do you require?
  • What shape stones? you can normally have round, square, marquise, pear shape emerald cut, rectangular etc..
  • Is there something about you or your partner that you would like reflected in the piece

I also supply Diamonds, Precious Stones, and Semi-Precious stones to order.

Please feel free to call me with your enquiry. I will be happy to discuss the best options for you.

Telephone 01509 239348