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The finished piece showing the wonderful quality of the stones from my supplier Simon , and the wonderful craftsmanship of my setter Craig. my thanks to both of them.

Computer aided design is now available, I now have links with very good CAD specialists within the jewellery trade, who can create intricate and multi stone set jewellery to my designs.

An example of CAD is the ring you see on the left, this was created in 18ct yellow gold, and was set by hand,
by Craig, including an unusual array of orange sapphires and beautiful diamonds.
The stones were personally sourced by my stone dealer Simon, and chosen for the best colour match for my client, resulting in this beautiful ring.

My thanks to my client for the lovely commission.

'The interlinks rings' , these are a pair of rings that can interlock in many ways to create different designs,- you can then choose the mix of coloured stones you have set in them .
Clients have been choosing this design for Anniversaries such as their' Ruby Wedding............

The interlinks Rings - Helen Burrell
The ring below was a special commission using reworked family pieces of great
significance to my client, her diamonds were reset in this new design.
My thanks to her for her faith in trusting me with her precious pieces.
a special commission

A citrine set in 9ct rose gold , any other stone you may like to have can be set in this simple design , please feel free to enquire .
- just give me a call on 01509239348 ...

The ring below on the right was a lovely commission , CAD designed and set with white sapphires , it could have equally been set with diamonds or blue sapphires etc. .
Unusual multi stone designs can be created for you with CAD.
Enquiries welcome.

Below is a white gold ring set with a central sapphire and flush set diamonds into the shank, variations on this design can be done to suit your preference in coloured stones ...