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I am a Jewellery Designer based in Loughborough and part time at my little shop in Melbourne Derbyshire.
I started my career in jewellery design after doing a year's foundation course and then I completed a three year degree course in 3 dimensional design at Loughborough college of Art and Design and specialized in jewellery making.

Since then , I have run my own business,'Helen Burrell~Fine jewellery',- I have managed two shops and have worked as a jewellery tutor, a healer and a bereavement counsellor and also worked with children and young adults in the education system.
I have now been established as a Designer and Goldsmith for over 30 years and I am developing ranges of jewellery as well as continuing my bespoke services.

My range of rings displayed here are for sale and can normally be produced within 3-4 weeks from order, unless of course I have them in stock, when you can have them delivered within a couple of days.

Inspired by my love of Cornwall, and the countryside, my particular favourite themes for the ranges include- symbolic pieces representing plants, water, sculptural forms, and the theme of the Sea..

Most of my work otherwise is made to commission as custom jewellery.......so if you have a favourite place or memory we may be able to work together to represent it in a 3 Dimensional form.

I specialize in making engagement and wedding rings , dress rings etc. to suit my clients.
Through intuitive design, combined with experience working with precious metals, stones and materials, I can create beautiful jewellery for you that can encapsulate your special memories.

In style my jewellery is a departure from the usual, my work symbolically translates ideas into 3D form, examples of this are my unique 'life story necklaces' some created already for my clients, can be seen on the website

www.helenburrell.co.uk and on this site under 'Necklaces'

If you have a story to tell or an experience that is precious to you, you can have it interpreted and made into a gift for yourself or for that special person in your life.

My aim too is to re- introduce the idea of heirlooms and to keep the spiritual connections with the idea of 'family' through reworking unused but significant pieces for you, into fresh new forms of wearable jewellery.

Or if you don't have family pieces to rework I can supply any new materials for you for a special design to be made up. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your ideas.

  • I work in loughborough, Leicestershire and can see you by appointment
  • or at my shop in Melbourne south Derbyshire on Fridays and Saturdays between 11 and 4 0 clock
  • Otherwise if you live too far away then we can work via email, phone and postal methods, I have worked for clients in Australia before so distance is no object. :)

Helen 01509 239348 mobile 07913 575 490
or email me :- helen.m.burrell@btinternet.com
Thank you.